3 Corporate Uses For Preserved Flower Arrangements

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3 Corporate Uses For Preserved Flower Arrangements

Today, the most successful businesses go beyond the realm of operations, and into the world of brand personality, investing in employee satisfaction and impactful branding to the outside world. If you’re more into the nitty-gritty of running your business, however, you may not have a lot of time to spend on thinking of ways to achieve either. Le Jardin Infini makes it easy for you with three ways you can use preserved flower arrangements to improve your corporate affairs.

Special & Affordable Employee Anniversary Gifts

Acknowledging milestones and corporate anniversaries of employment is a great way to keep employees engaged and motivated. But choosing gifts that are both affordable and meaningful can be a challenge. Le Jardin Infini offers multiple collections of preserved flowers that can be used to celebrate different milestones.

For example, a person celebrating their first year anniversary might receive a single rose from L’unique Collection, whereas a ten-year employee may receive an impressive display from the L’ultime Collection. Our preserved roses in a box have the beauty and sentiment of live flowers, with the added bonus of lasting up to a year or longer. Giving the gift of preserved flowers is a great way to make your employees feel acknowledged and appreciated, while staying within budget!

A Memorable Holiday Gift To Clients

Choosing the right annual corporate gift for clients and prospects around the holidays is always a tough decision. Preserved roses are a unique corporate gift that, unlike food or cheap swag, won't disappear or wind up in the trash after a couple weeks. newer prospects could receive a single preserved rose, while long time clients could receive larger custom arrangements and even gold-dipped roses. Unlike branded USB fobs, koozies, and other corporate tchotchkes received this time of year, preserved roses in a box are a gift that is unique, meaningful, and useful. Don’t be surprised when you see your Christmas gift displayed at the office on your next sales call!

Simple, Beautiful Decor For Corporate Events

Hosting an end of year party or other special event? Preserved flower arrangements make ideal centerpieces and accent decor, and can add a unique pop of color to bring life to the party! The sizes and colors of the centerpieces can be customized depending on the size of your tables and the look you want to achieve. For smaller tables, we might recommend an arrangement like Le Belle, while for larger tables, an arrangement like La Grand Vie will really make a statement.

What to do with the preserved arrangements after the event? If you’ll be hosting multiple events in the same year, they can be saved and reused. Alternatively, after the event is over, centerpieces can be given to guests as a gift or used to decorate the office.

While a commitment to solid operations is certainly primary to your business, the personal touches that keep employees, clients, and prospects invested in your brand are also critical in the long term. Using preserved floral arrangements for your corporate events and gifting is a unique and memorable way to brand your business to employees and clients alike. Our florists can help you choose or design the perfect arrangements for your upcoming occasion or event. Fill out our special event request form or call us at 1-844-5-JARDIN (527346). We look forward to serving you!
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